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The Following is a list of generic Keywords that all powers, with some exceptions, can use. Many powers come with Keywords already attached, but others can be purchased later to further customize a power.

Aggravated: Eliminates natural soak from the soak equation. This includes soak gained from Permanent powers, but not temporary soak gains (such as from force field) or from physical armor.
Armor Piercing: This halves all soak provided by physical armor and permanent powers.
Increased Duration
Decreased Cost
Flurry (MIRV)
Reflexive: Makes a nonreflexive power Reflexive.

Power-specific Keywords (Bold powers have not been converted to Koberrant yet. Prod Kon about 'em, if you're interested.)
Absorption - Extended Effect, Energy Magnet
Animal/Plant Mastery - Nature Mastery (Character can exercise both Animal and Plant Mastery), Microlife (Character can exercise mastery over microscopic life forms down to the level of viruses)
Armor - Superheavy Armor (Spend 3q to boost soak by 4 B/L and increase the diff to be hit by (Q/2) at the cost of +3 Speed, 2 yards from walking speed, 5 yards from running speed and -1 on all Dex-based rolls)
Bioluminescence - Increased Spectrum (Emit UV and infrared as well as visible light), Monochromatic (One frequency only, avoiding senses and sensors looking elsewhere in the spectrum), Tunable (nova can specify the range of frequencies each time the power is used)
Boost - Other Person (Nova can boost another person's Attributes; requires touch)
Clone - Extra Clones (Each additional quanta spent generates [Quantum] clones, maximum of [Quantum x2]), Mental Link (All clones are in telepathic contact with each other)
Claws - Kinetic Discharge (Extra damage dice can be transferred to melee weapons; thrown weapons and bullets require 1q)
Cyberkinesis - Branding (Character exploits known strengths and weaknesses of a particular system; make an Int+Computers roll and add the successes as dice to the power activation roll); Network Effect (Character affects [Quantum] linked computers simultaneously)
Density Control (all) - Affect Others (Objects and people can be affected with a Manipulation+DC roll; unwilling targets roll Resistance to resist)
Density Increase - Extreme Density (The Nova can spend as many quanta as he has available for Density Increase, although M-Stamina and M-Strength can never exceed 6 through the use of this power)
Disintegration - Prolonged Effect (The result applies at the rate of one to [Quantum] levels per turn, at the nova's discretion)
Disrupt - Extra Power (Disrupt may affect any two powers at once)
Domination - Telepathic (No speech needed for commands), Parasitic Possession (Nova spends 3q and 1W to take over the target's body; more details in corebook)
Elemental Mastery - Personality Imprint (Other characters using Elemental Mastery on the same elemental stuff within [Quantum] days suffers a +1 difficulty), Selective Anima (Character can narrow the target to a particular frewuency of sound or light, one isotope of an element or the equivalent), Extended Range ([Quantumx2] kilometers)
Entropic Control - Entropic Threshold (nova can specify that a technique automatically inflicts no more than a particular level of damage or takes effect only when the total damage meets some minimal level), Entropic Selectivity (nova can specify that the power only affects targets with no more than a particular level of damage from other sources or only affects previously uninjured targets)
ESP - Distant Scan (Range is increased to [Perception+Awareness]x1000km, but the process takes 15 minutes per 1000km of distance; the difficulty goes up by 1 per 2000km.)
Flight - Underwater (Character may use his Flight underwater and through other bodies of liquid)
Force Field - Wall (Projects a wall of force at a range of three yards per dot of Quantum; wall is 2m long by 2m high, and an additional 2m can be added in either direction by spending 1q [limited by Permanent Quantum]), Projection (Nova can create a Force Field around one human-sized target within [Quantumx2] meters)
Healing - Detox (Rolled successes subtract from the dice pool penalties for poison and disease even before the nova has cured the underlying condition)
Holo - Extra Sense (Power affects one additional sense at the same time)
Homonculus - Detachable Organs (Organs can be removed and are treated as any other homonculus)
Hypermove - Extra Mode (Applies to one additional mode of movement)
Immobilize - Supertough (Duration is doubled)
Immolate - Variable (Immolate may be either of two damaging substances; character may switch between actions), Aggravated (Immolate inflicts [Quantum] levels of aggravated damage)
Information Manipulation - Extended Duration (Nova can spend extra successes to extend the duration tenfold)
Invisibility - Enhanced Effect (Invisibility works versus one additional sense per success rolled)
Invulnerability - Broad Category (See Q3 version as listed in the Powers section)
Magnetic Mastery - Paramagnetism (the nova's power works on one additional class of 'metallic objects' [eg - radioactive materials], per purchase)
Matter Chameleon - Selective Chameleon (Nova can choose to mimic certain characteristics - mass but not brittleness, for example)
Matter Creation - Specialization (Nova is particularly good at making objects at one level of complexity or size category and needs half the usual successes for that criterion), Template (Nova suffers half the usual complexity penalty, rounded down, when duplicating an object within touch range)
Molecular Manipulation - Combined Manipulation (Nova gets -1 difficulty bonus (min of diff 1) for using a second technique on a target while the first remains), Template (Nova needs half the usual successes, rounded down, to transform a target to resemble an object within touch range)
Poison - Projectile (Can spit, exhale or otherwise expel a venom or virus at a range of 10 meters x Quantum), Relapse (Nova cn set aside half of the successes for a second bout to occur once the first had been cured; relapse occurs [Quantum] days after the first round has been cured)
Premonition - Others (Can detect dangers to anyone within about [10 x Quantum] meters of the character)
Precognition - Moving Vision (Nova can move her viewpoint through an extended period of time; for each success spent on movement rather than timeframe, the nova can look around in that period), Viewpoint (Nova can see through the viewpoint of someone else at any distance away as long as they are in line of sight), Shared (Nova can show others the visions in his head)
Psychic Shield - Extra Mind (Character may extend his shield to protect one other person whom he is touching)
Quantum Bolt - Extra Energy (May manifest as one additional form of energy), Supercharge (character can spend 3q to have her Quantum Bolt inflict [Quantum x5] of bashing or lethal; deals the nova 1 bashing, and a botch on the targeting roll inflicts a point of temporary taint)
Quantum Construct - Longevity (Construct lasts [Quantumx2] days and does not require maintenance), Self-Awareness (Each success allocated to this purpose lets the nova give the construct 3 dots divided between Social and Mental Attributes)
Quantum Conversion - Extra Energy Type (Power can be converted into one additional energy type) Quantum Imprint - Enhanced Imprint (Nova may increase a power's effect up to his own Quantum limits, even when greater than the target's), Longetivy (Imprint lasts [Quantumx2] days and does not require maintenance), Multiple Targets (Nova can copy the powers of more than one target through seperate uses of the power), Range (Nova can use the power on another nova up to [Quantum]x10 meters)
Quantum Leech - Energy Siphon (May use Quantum Leech at a range of [Quantum]x5 meters)
Quantum Regeration - Double (Doubles the number of additional quanta regenerated)
Shroud - Semisolid (Shroud halves movement of characters trapped within it; can be formed into a 'wall' to soak one level of bashing or lethal damage per dot of permanent Quantum)
Sizemorph (Shrink) - Full Power (character's Strength and offensive capabilities do not decrease as he shrinks), Super Shrinking (The first expenditure acts as listed; after that, the reduction is 1/10th of current height and 1/100th of current mass)
Strobe - Sensory Deprivation Wave (power affects one normal or nova sense per success on the activation roll)
Telepathy - Surreptitious (victim will not be aware his mind is being read if nova doesn't wish him to), Telepathic Channeling (telepath may use other mental powers through the link regardless of physical distance)
Teleport - Safe Blind Teleport (Difficulty for jumping blind is reduced by one; character takes bashing rather than lethal if she accidentally teleports into a solid object), Combat Teleport (Teleport is a free action in combat; +3 to DV if in full dodge using Teleport)
Temporal Manipulation - Sliding Time (Character can decide how many successes go into effect each turn, from one to all)
Warp - Selective Permeability (Nova can designate some sorts of targets that pass through a warp without moving under their own power or being pushed: inorganic material, material of a certain color, etc)
Weather Manipulation - Extended Range (10 times normal technique), Sustained Decay (Full effect lasts only half as long as usual, but the effect wears off gradually, losing the benefits of one success each time half the normal duration elapses)

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